Access Control

PLSolutions specializes in access control systems design and installation. We have built a reputation for delivering a quality product in a timely cost effective manner.

Our access control system services include:
  • Stand Alone Systems
  • Design & Installation
  • Pin Access Control
  • Proximity Card Control
  • Door Control
  • Cards and Key Fobs
  • Access Control Cabling

From 24 hour doors to more complex access control solutions with biometric verification, our access control technologies and NFC Access Control products guarantee you the security you need. Our systems have integration with the world’s largest software companies and are designed to integrate with a wide range of third-party turnstiles.

Key benefits include:
  • Knowledge and control of who is in your facility when and where at all times
  • Speedy and efficient access control, resulting in reduced queues
  • One single, seamlessly functioning access control solution across your entire site
  • Reduced staff demands, due to automation
  • Convenience, one NFC credential (card, wristband, or tag) functions as a credential for everything
  • More accurate customer profiling for more effective marketing
  • A NFC platform for additional applications (cashless payment, electronic lockers, networked fitness, and more)

Features and Benefits:

Our innovative locking systems are valued across many industries, including hospitals, universities, commercial, and leisure facilities. From battery-powered to networked locking systems, we are sure to have a suitable solution for numerous applications. After decades of intensive research and development, we can guarantee a secure, reliable, and future-proof locking system, all to make locker management easy for you.

NFC Credentials
All locking systems operate with NFC-enabled phones, cards, and wristbands and are built to work with and leverage international standards based technologies

Easy to Use
For openings and closings, an audible user feedback is provided. Each locking system provides a clear status display, showing which lockers are available and which are in-use.

Easy Management
Operators can easily replace lost credentials. If a user forgets which locker they used, biometric information terminals installed in the locker room, can display the used locker number requiring no time from staff.

Both users and operators benefits from simplicity - no pins to remember, no mechanical keys to manage or carry.

Multiple locker modes provide the flexibility to make all lockers available or to individually assign or rent lockers for a defined time period.

All openings and closings are recorded, meaning operators can easily check who has opened which locker when.

Locking systems are easily integrated with additional NFC applications, such as access control or cashless payment, to create an innovative system solution that streamlines your organization.

Cost Savings
Eliminate maintenance costs associated with lost keys, failed locks, and time spent managing the lockers.

Cashless payment is the way of the future. Just imagine customers conveniently purchasing goods and services with a GANTNER credential (card, wristband, or key tag)! No need to carry cash or credit cards!

The GANTNER cashless payment system has integration with the world’s largest software companies and can be pre-loaded or integrated into a facilities billing system.

Key benefits include:
  • Increased revenue, resulting from ease of spending
  • Complete transparency on every transactions, dramatically reducing theft
  • Reduced staff and money-handling demands, due to automation
  • Reduced queuing times at all point-of-sale stations
  • More accurate customer profiling for more effective marketing
  • A NFC platform for additional applications (access control, electronic lockers, networked fitness, and more)

Popular in membership-based leisure facilities, NFC silicon wristbands are constructed with flexible, high grade medical silicon for comfortable use. Wristbands are shock, tear, and water resistant and are fully functional in saunas and steam baths. Wristbands come in a standard fifteen colors, four sizes, and can be customized with either laser engraving or silicon print. PAH Safety Certified

With the new Mobile. Connect application, mobility in the leisure industry is redefined. This innovative app, suitable for NFC-compatible smartphones and tablets, offers the ability to check-in, display member information or sell services regardless of location. Thanks to the Mobile app. Connect, your club management system is now available where and when you need it.

  • Check in functionality
  • Provides valuable information about class participation rates
  • Smartphones turn into an additional POS
  • Generation of additional information for establishing detailed member profiles

For high security facilities, our commercial access control products provide the right solution.

Access Control for one or more doors

  • Central management of access authorizations to cabled and non-cabled doors
  • Central management of access authorizations to cabled and non-cabled doors
  • Simple Plug & Play installation
  • Smart readers may be up to 250m away from the controller.
  • Great price/performance ratio
  • Easy integration with 3rd party software for security visualization
  • Preconfigured door control processes (air lock, antipass back, access repetition control, lift control)
  • Management of access authorizations for up to 25,000 people per door
  • Control of up to four doors per controller (dependent upon controller)
  • Maximum security: Fail-safe thanks to decentralized door controllers, door control in the secured area, sabotage and tampering monitoring, capability of connecting alarm call points, control of alarm systems
  • Various RFID Technologies

Perfectly attuned to the requirements of modern communications between HR Departments and staff, our staff time recording devices are an ideal solution for companies and organizations looking to track personnel time and attendance.

  • Outstanding design for seamless integration into the architecture (flush and surface mounted)
  • Simple Installation/Plug & Play
  • Various NFC technologies
  • Standard interfaces for integration into time recording programs
  • Easy integration into third-party software
  • Intuitive to use, multi-lingual displays

Gate Barriers are generally employed in residential areas and parking premises for safe and authenticated access. Gate Barriers controls the vehicle access at entry, exit gates. They consist a fixed metal block that carries a pole which operates electronically and block the unidentified vehicles at entry, exit gates, and allows them after proper authentication.

There are different type of entries types, it might be of Long range, remote, card access.


Fast entrance management in public car parks, hospitals, highways.

  • opening of the entrance gate in 0.9 seconds
  • access control up to 2.75 meters wide
  • reinforced steel construction with corrosion prevention treatment and electrostatic powder coating offers durability and maintenance over time of aesthetic features
  • management of passive inertia typical of fast movements, even with intensive use
  • modern design that can be easily integrated into different architectural contexts
  • elliptic or round bar limits the sail effect

1-Full Height Turnstiles
The full-height turnstile ensures access of pedestrians one after another in the same way as the waist-high turnstiles.
Its traffic flow capacity is rather high - 20 pers./min.
It can be controlled manually or by control system.

2-Tripod Turnstiles:
The Tripod Turnstile is a space-saving, reliable and rather inexpensive device designed for access control.
They have shown themselves to advantage at sites with high traffic flow due to high traffic flow capacity and modern appearance.
Tripod turnstiles are mostly installed at the entrance of government facilities, offices, educational establishments and at access control points of industrial facilities.
They are easily located in narrow passageways and arches due to small dimensions. Tripod turnstile can be controlled by access control system or manually

3-Freeway Turnstile:
Swinging Turnstiles “Freeway” for durable and stylish solution of access control.
It is optimal for any sites (offices, banks, administrative facilities etc.) due to its trendy appearance and wide functional capability.

4-Rotor Turnstiles:
The waist-high rotor turnstile is the best solution for access control there where combination of high traffic flow capacity, complete barring of access area and modern appearance is required. These devices are well suitable for installation at access control points of office buildings, governmental and industrial facilities, stadiums, special institutions, sports and entertainment complexes and other locations with high security requirements.
Comfortability of access is provided due to availability of built-in servo-actuator: bars are rotated smoothly and with little effort.

5-Turnstile for Disabled: