CCTV Systems

PLSolutions is a leading provider of Security Services in the GCC. Our team of expert security system technicians will help you design the security system that best suits your needs. Our security system services include:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Cameras IP & Analog
  • Monitors
  • Motion Sensors
  • DVR & NVR

CCTV System

PLSolutions is a company that prides itself on producing a wide range of CCTV security cameras that are designed to fit the video surveillance needs of business owners all over the world across virtually every industry. Indeed, there is a set of CCTV cameras for just about every business owner. However, one of the most commonly reported concerns that many new business owners have is what camera they should look to next for their security system.

PLSolutions CCTV solution has an enormous competitive advantage in the security sector thanks to its own cutting-edge technology. PLSolutions offers a wide range of advanced surveillance equipment including surveillance cameras and DVRs. We are committed to employing the world’s best technology and expanding our product portfolio to offer the finest solutions in the industry.